The Concept:

You have items that you are ready to part with, know they have some value, but don’t have experience with on-line auction sites such as eBay.  I have extensive experience with developing and running successful eBay auctions, and am looking for a wider range of items with which to utilize this experience.

Working together, with SIXTY/40 we both win. You receive good value for your items. I get to make three people happy — you, the buyer, and my wife (since I've made some money).

The Process:

After you contact me, we’ll set up a time for me to come and see the items that you would like sold. We’ll talk a bit, so I can understand what you care about in having the items sold, and so you can get a better sense of how I’d approach selling your items, and shipping them to the new owner. If we are both comfortable, you can sign the Agreement and I’ll get to work.

The Agreement:  (If you’d like The Fully Legal Fine Print, please let me know. Here’s what it means in English.)

I’ll take responsibility for preparing your items for sale, building an effective auction on eBay, managing that auction, and (if the auction is successful) shipping the item to the buyer (once payment has been received). This will include work such as creating compelling item photographs and descriptions, structuring the auction in line with your wishes (e.g., with respect to a reserve price or whether a return will be accepted), communicating with prospective buyers to answer questions, checking that a legitimate payment has indeed been made, and packing, insuring and shipping the item to the buyer as needed.

You’ll make the items available to me for a period of  90 days, during which time you will not try to sell them through any other means.   The commission will be 40 % of the net selling price*** (this equals the actual selling price minus eBay’s fee, Pay Pal fees, minus any shipping and insurance costs not paid by the buyer).